By 369 Ayes to 126 Noes The Tragedy of ‘Vaccine’ Passports and a Divided British Nation Arrives 

Posted, December 14th 2021

Opposition? What Opposition?

Johnson Regime Rely On ‘Labour’ To Prop Up ‘Conservative’ Regime Rule By Decree


Introduction of the Vaccine Passports as a pre-cursor to a totalitarian Chinese style social credit system was always the Johnson Regime’s objective. Right from the start we have witnessed Regime lie upon lie mouthed by Johnson and his band of ministerial dictators since the removal of our rights with the Coronavirus Act 2020 after only pitiful 3 days of debate.

Only a few weeks ago in first Austria then Germany we saw and are seeing the victimisation, segregation, outright bullying and state terror applied to their citizens to force them to be injected with poisonous toxic sludge giving them AIDS.

We are witnessing discrimination on a scale not seen since the NAZI regime’s best efforts in Germany in the 1930’s and 40’s. Yes its that bad.

The evidence shows, and there is overwhelming evidence, that this so-called pandemic is a choreographed fraud planned and executed by a globalist elite with the connivance of the Junta at the centre of the Johnson Regime who can rely on a hard core of self-serving cowards, sycophants and lackeys in their own party who are going along with it.

Whoever and whatever is the craven ideology of the band of rogues headed by Johnson they are no ‘Conservatives’ . That party has been hijacked with an appalling disconnect between the Westminster party and the honest and decent real Conservatives and conservatives in the country.

There are going to be difficult times ahead while these usurpers are in power. This goes far deeper than ‘vaccine’ passports. The ‘vaccine’ passports are the cornerstone of the Johnson Regimes ‘new normal’ Chinese style police state brought in on the pack of lies surrounding the fraudulent appearance in our lives of Covid-19

 This email from Silkie Carlo of Big Brother Watch typifies the response from opponents of the Regime ; to their flagrant abuse of power and government overreach:

“Whatever happens tonight – we are going to up our fight.

Thanks to your incredible support, we are already bringing forward legal action in Wales – and we will look to challenge an English Covid pass scheme too.

We cannot, and we will not give up.

Let’s fight this together – let’s never give up.

Big Brother Watch Team

Now we know why the Main Stream Media have been hyping up the milder Omicron variant into the super mutant variant required to justify this power grab. To paraphrase a term used when the Blair Government needed to wrongfully enter the war in Iraq, “The Government are guilty of selecting and fixing Covid events around and to support policy’

I would like to say thanks to all 126 MP’s who understand the danger our nation is now in. I would especially like to thank Tory MP Marcus Fysh for his entirely appropriate and accurate comparison of the Johnson Regime ‘vaccine’ passports with the NAZI regime’s gesundheitpass used to identify, segregate, control and cruelly suppress its people.

Who the hell does Johnson and his cronies represent, Big Pharma? The World Economic Forum? 

Why is the Regime and its obediant Labour supporters under Kier Starmer allowing the mass-murder by injection of its citizens using a pandemic that never was as a pretext?



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