Simply Stunning: Dr David Martin speech at the wise traditions conference: Covid 19 a Crime Against Humanity

Dr. David Martin


Posted at ODYSEE.COM, November 9th, 2021

“We have a crisis right now, and one of the things that helps feed the crisis is our absence of focus.

When we have a gathering – and I just did a gathering in Salt Lake City last week – it was wonderful and it was a great event but we had about fifty speakers speaking about all types of topics that were very important and very interesting and the problem that I found was that everybody left inspired. [audience nervous laughter]

Ladies and gentlemen, we are right now on the precipice of the mass-murder of 5 to 11 year olds in this country and we’re pretending that’s as important or less important than whether we have critical Race theory in schools or something else… Ladies and gentlemen, let me just pause for a moment…

Children are being Murdered! And we are pretending that is just one of the issues

I’m sorry, but for me the emergency use authorisation and the illegality that gave rise to the emergence of that authorisation is THE issue. And if we arn’t focused on the issue we are going to see young men and women who are never going to live to see adulthood, in our name, because we were so damn concerned about about another topic that was interesting to us….

And I am not going to stand on another stage being a drive by shooting  theatre puppet, then we all move on to the Dave show and the this show and the that show, every day someplace else…

I am going to put my life energy where it belongs. I am going to put my life energy on a single focus which is until we hold the criminal conspirators accountable, until we end the emergency use authorisation, we are not done. There is no other topic right now and I don’t care what topic you love. There is no other topic I am concerning mysyelf with other than the preservation of the next generation…”


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