Concerned Essex Citizen: It is time to remove Boris and the ‘Conservative’ party



By Ray Richards, Essex

It really is time now for Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party to leave the stage and make way for an all-new Party that is not tainted by association with the French/EU. A party much more along the lines of the Swiss Democracy.

The Conservative Party had its chance, even though it housed the EU propaganda Department in its offices in Smith Square, even letting it occupy a former Margeret Thatcher office. Boris had a chance, even though it was known that his word was as firm as a bubble in the wind.

I refer to his promise to Londoners about the third runway at Heathrow because of the extra pollution and traffic congestion. Just before he resigned, he consented.
An elected Party’s first responsibility is to its people, to keep them and its borders safe. He has failed disastrously on both counts. He was elected to give us Brexit which he has failed dismally to do. He has got and left us tied solidly to the EU even though he dresses everything up to appear otherwise.
He came to power on a promise of sorting out our Borders but all he has done is increase the problem. Boris talks with a forked tongue, constantly expecting his bubbling speaking to get him out of trouble. The man is a cross between Neville Chamberlain, (Peace in our Times) and Theresa May.
He knew the electorate wanted desperately a swift and clean break from the French/EU because we have known for years that the French only obey the agreements and rules that they want to. But Boris knew best and extended the transition period for no advantage. He made a complete mess of the first nine months and threatens Article 16 so often that it lost its threat after a month. 
The man is far too educated to be as uncaring as he often appears. his actions make one wonder if he isn’t trying for a French Election for the sake of his father that spends six months of the year there.
I could go on and on about Boris and his time in politics and how he will rank amongst those other Tory MPs such as Lord Heseltine but it would be a book to equal his own book on Winston Churchill but the truth is both the Tory Party and Boris have had their day.
Boris could so easily cure the Channel migration by simply putting the Navy and the Border force into French shallow waters and taking the boats in tow to the French beaches and leaving them there whilst SINKING THE BOATS. This is perfectly legal as the French are neglecting their obligations to the migrants, (They just can’t stand by and watch someone commit suicide) and to their obligations to the safety of international shipping.
He can then use the RAF and their personnel Helicopters that they evacuated Afghanistan with, to take all the illegal immigrants (500,000) back to North Africa to start their return journey. They came via North Africa so they know their way back home, but in any event, it is the responsibility of the French, not Britain.
Then claim back all the money we have paid to France to do their duty/obligations and deduct from our payments to the EU the cost of rescuing, housing, feeding and socializing the immigrants, but not to forget the cost of their phone calls to tell all their friends to come to Boris/Patel’s Britain where they are treated better than our own OAPs. Even though it is with their money that they are being deprived of.
Honestly, we should have expected this lack of loyalty because how many children has the chap fathered now and absconded.
It is time to remove Boris and the Conservative party and elect a fresh Party that is un-tainted by its association with the French/EU.
We have two pandemics, one Chinese the other Boris and the Conservative Party.
Raymond Richards
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