USA: A Degenerate Democracy

By Phil Palij,, 20th May 2020

Allen Dulles Creator and first director of the CIA. He ushered in the age of deception as a precursor to the age Tyranny

When did this mighty nation begin its degenerate slide from democracy into tyranny?

It was September 18, 1947, the date the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) was created. Its moral and ethical and political decline began in earnest on this date but its subversion began much earlier with the advent of the Federal Reserve Bank of America in strange circumstances in 1913. The transition to a captured state began here. The control of America’s finances handed over to the private banks.

America’s subversion by domestic and international moneyed aristocracy and finance is another story By 1947 the US aristocracy had established the shadow government and its policies but needed to sideline democracy in favour of corporatocracy and the principle based on the principle of one dollar one vote. Creating and subverting the CIA to its cause has been the genius gift that keeps on giving.

The American Empire has lived two and a half centuries and its not done yet, but in recent times the sclerotic decline has become just as obvious and unstoppable as its rise was, to become the greatest economic and military power the world has ever seen. 

From September 18, 1947 on America’s moneyed aristocracy would gradually and relentlessly dismantle and then re-engineer a totalitarian system of government within the existing systems of government.  They would create their own strategy and tactics to gorge on, digest  and replace voters rights with corporate will, carefully maintaining a protective ornamental democratic shell the citizens could rally around as and when the aristocracy were to demand it. The citizens were to be free to think what they were told to think, mistakenly believing they were free.

Before looking at the US intelligence agencies and the people, some criminal, who run them lets have a look at the symptoms of their presence in the present starting with former NSA intelligence official William Binney. He retired on

William Binney: Symptom The NSA and Total Population Control

To the present then, a two party system controlled by trans-national corporations through a system of parasitic lobbying and bribery, protected by a corrupt Department of Justice and a network of criminal gangs in every state institution bar none. The objective:  Exercising un-democratic influence over the USA’s democratic institutions and systems of justice and of course the media. The deep state and the shadow government

They do it by systematic pacification of American voters through a mixture of arrogance, secrecy and utter contempt.

With the advent of mandatory mass vaccination as a means to implant every human with an id along with the systems in place to force you to accept it, against your will and with force if necessary; goes against everything the constitution of the US stands for.

The transition between Democracy and Tyranny was recognised by the ancient Greeks, You can get a glimpse of Plato’s views on government here: Plato’s five regimes 

It is remarkable how his world differs so little from the basic Governmental systems of ours and how America’s descent from representative democracy to Tyranny is under way and inevitable.

William Binney’s conscience, honour and courage are admirable but ultimately ineffective if society chooses to ignore the significance of his revelations. After years of defiance and criminality at the heart of America’s Government, the people who control and perpetrate injustices against its people remain in place. We can say the age of deception is over. The age of Tyranny is about to begin.

The next article will look at some of William Binney’s work in more detail.


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Plato’s five Regimes: Plato’s Five Regimes

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