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Introduction :- Over the past year or so the Briefings for Brexit website has been quietly providing well researched, quality articles on the intellectual, economic and political arguments in favour of Britain’s exit from the EU.

The European Union is not just un-democratic it is anti-democratic, it opposes the expression of the popular will and seeks to impose the policies of authoritarian, corporatist and globalist ruling elites instead.

The EU must be reformed or dismantled. Assisting the EU’s disolution process will become a major objective of the website.

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By Briefings For Britain,, January 31st 2020

When the United Kingdom leaves the European Union on 31 January 2020, the tortuous process of ‘Brexit’, which began with a clear democratic mandate in 2016, comes to an end.  The decision has been confirmed by a succession of popular votes, and is now law.  Democracy has been upheld, the legitimacy of our system of government has been restored, and our independence as a nation reaffirmed.  The struggle has been far longer and far dirtier than any of us could have imagined.

Our little group is changing its name to reflect the changed circumstances, but not ending its activities, for the process of transforming our relationship with the EU is not yet complete.  We shall now become ‘Briefings for Britain’.

Since we began almost exactly two years ago, we have aimed to provide well researched expert briefings on key issues.  But, amid the turmoil of the last three years, we had to become in part a campaigning organization, sometimes supporting and sometimes strongly opposing the policy of the government and the actions of parliament.

But now we have a government and a parliament in which we have high hopes that they are resolute and able to do what they have promised.  Our intention is to support the government in its stated aims by continuing to produce the best quality analyses to inform debate as the country navigates the next phase.  These analyses may be fewer in number, and we trust less vehement in tone.  But we still intend to make them accessible and clear, for both politicians and the public.

We aim to continue this activity throughout the ‘transition period’ until the end of 2020.  We shall be concentrating on trade, the economy, security, legal issues, foreign policy, and any other issue concerning the future of the country that arises from our leaving the EU.

As before, although we have a core of regular contributors, we welcome articles by all who have specialist knowledge and experience.

We are an independent group whose small operating costs are met by public donations.


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if you are an academic who wishes to contribute well-argued pieces in support of Brexit, or are outside a university but able to contribute at an equivalent standard, please contact us via the contact page. Alternatively, if you wish to support us financially please do so through the following button. The site will be financed only by contributors and supporters. All donations will be used to strengthen or publicise the website.

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