Good Law Project (GLP): [UK] Immensa testing scandal

Immensa Testing Scandal

Immensa Testing Scandal


“Thousands of lives have been put at risk. How on earth could this be allowed to happen?” ask Good Law Project (GLP).

They’re talking about the “Immensa testing fiasco” in which 43,000 people were given false negative Covid results by a private testing firm in Wolverhampton.

Immensa, which was not fully accredited with the UK Accreditation Service, was granted a £119m Government testing contract without going through the normal tendering process. The firm is still processing PCR tests at another lab in Loughborough.

GLP are taking urgent legal action calling on the Government to terminate the firm’s contracts, compensate the individuals affected and take action to properly regulate private testing firms.

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Jo Maugham, director of Good Law Project said: “We don’t know why government chose to sidestep established testing facilities in universities and hospitals to send £119m to a newly formed private company. But the consequences have been catastrophic. Many people are likely to have lost their lives.

We want answers for their families and the tens of thousands of others whose lives have been blighted by the government’s inexplicable disregard for public health.” Read more here.

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