Written by TR News 16th May 2019

While Tommy has been travelling in the North West, the doom and gloom merchants of the far-left and their ideological propagandists in the media have done their absolute best to dis-invite him from the areas he has campaigned in.

How many times have we heard and read “Tommy is not welcome here” and “Tommy is a racist white supremacist,” like he puts on some tight leather clothing and goose steps his way through the North West trampling on people of colour and berating minority groups? As if he were the second coming of Hitler?

The mental illness of identitarian far-left politics is palpable on a daily basis; anyone would think our nation has lost its cahoonas as we have spawned and infantilised a generation of snowflakes who only see life through a racial and oppressed lens.

How sad!

That view of the world does not see a future of opportunity and prosperity, a future of patriotism and pride, no, its a depressing nightmare, its something that belongs in Dantes Inferno.

Well, the good news is that the medias portrayal of both Tommy and the great people of our nation is nothing more than propagandised, recycled excrement. We have our fair share of multi-coloured, pierced, hydrophobic, unhygienic socialists, but doesn’t any country? No the Great nation of Britain, the great working-class people of Great Britain do have cahoonas, they don’t melt like precious little snowflakes, they don’t buy into propagandised, recycled and tired talking points, they are not stupid, and don’t deserve to be treated as if they are.

The working-class can see how this political game is played out; they see the political persecution of Tommy, they see he’s anything but racist, they also know that voting for him will send a direct message to our political elites, its a message they want to send.

That message is direct, it’s straight to the point, the message is “we have had enough of you, its time for you to go, pick up your P45 on the way out of the door and sign on me old fruit.”

The working class of Great Britain have woke up, they have been re-invigorated and energised by a populist movement that Tommy leads, he will fight for you, he is one of you, he loves you, and you love him back.

He doesn’t want a penny of the EU salary he would earn in his position; he wants that to go to all those vulnerable girls who were groomed and abused so they can make a better life for themselves, it’s the very least they deserve.

How many candidates for MEP have you heard will do that?

Put the Great back into Britain, lets av it North West!

Vote Tommy!

You can find Tommy as he travels through the North West on the following dates…

  • Thursday, 16th May  –  Barrow in Furness  –  7:00 P.M. – LA141HU
  • Friday, 17th May  –  Fleetwood  –  7:00 P.M. – FY78EQ
  • Saturday, 18th May  –  Manchester – Veterans March on Media City  –  11:00 A.M.
  • Saturday, 18th May  –  Rochdale – Heywood  –  2:00 P.M.
  • Saturday, 18th May  –  Oldham – Limeside  –  5:00 P.M.
  • Sunday, 19th May  –  Liverpool – Bootle  –  1:00 P.M.
  • Sunday, 19th May  –  Liverpool – Huyton  –  5:00 P.M.
  • Monday, 20th May  –  Preston  –  7:00 P.M.
  • Tuesday, 21st May  –  Burnley  –  7:00 P.M.
  • Wednesday, 22nd May  –  Salford  –  7:00 P.M.



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