Month: September 2021

Vaccine Syringe Purple

Message to the UK Government and the BBC | Professor Sucharit Bhakdi

The subtitle to this could read “Why are you murdering your own people?” A very strong message made in an understated way considering its momentus content.

Characterizing the BBC as the Bill (Gates) or Boris (Johnson) Broadcasting Corporation is as incisive as it is true.

The light of democracy and the rule of law is receding rapidly into history.

Norway Reclassifies Covid-19 No More Dangerous Than Flu

Covid-19 is treated in the mass media as a very dangerous disease in the face of which mass vaccination and severe restrictions for the whole society are applauded despite few deaths beyond the risk groups.

But in Norway, it has now been decided to treat it like other respiratory diseases, such as influenza or the cold virus, because according to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health it is no longer more dangerous than these.

Covid Vial and Syringe

BOMBSHELL from attorney Thomas Renz: Nearly 50,000 [US] Medicare patients died soon after getting COVID shot

(Natural News) Critical information exposing vaccine genocide is now emerging. Attorney Thomas Renz presented this bombshell information at the Clay Clark ReAwaken America Tour event in Colorado Springs this last Saturday.

Say No To Vaxx Passports

Detested Johnson Regime Vaccine Passports Back On Through Plan B

This discusses how the government aim to squeeze in the vaccine passport via their plan B, thereby bringing an end to human liberty. Please share your views – let them know we do NOT agree with vaccine passports under any circumstances.