Infringement upon our freedoms, liberties and Human Rights. 

Introduction: are working to bring about public recognition of and opposition to the tyranny that has been foisted onto us under the guise of a ‘pandemic’ – Please support them

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9th December 2020

Hello All,

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For us here at Save Our Rights UK we are concerned about all Coronavirus legislation purely because of the infringement upon our freedoms, liberties and Human Rights. 

This year has been a symptom of a deep systematic problem that has been manufactured by many years of corruption. Until we live in a society free of corruption, then we do not live in a free society. We aim to bring this about through education, events, political lobbying and coordinating mass civil action. We hope you will join us on this journey, every person is important in this movement.

We have recently defined our Mission & Vision for Save Our Rights UK. We hope they resonate with you:



The big news this week is that our facebook community group of over 42,000 people has been taken down. This has been devastating, but not completely unexpected. 

It shows we must be doing something right! 

To counter this, our team pitched together as soon as we knew we were taken down and have set up a new Facebook group. Unfortunately, we’re not sure how long it will remain in place.

As we’ve have been anticipating that our presence on Facebook would be under threat, we have been busy in the background setting up alternative measures. This means we have some good news in the form of  us launching our own social media network within the next few weeks.

This is a brand new platform where people will be able to connect, free of censorship and without fear of being taken down. 

We the people will not be silenced! More details soon.

We continue to add resources to our website. Please check regularly. There’s a great page on health including links to hand sanitiser studies you can read through here.

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  • This won’t end without us taking action.
  • No one action will end this.
  • It is a cumulative effect so we need as many as possible to take this action.
  • We call on everyone to take part in the campaigns as they are having an effect.
  • It is clear that our government is not working for us, nor are they protecting us. It is therefore our responsibility to do something about it.


We launched this legal campaign last week as we believe that the Government has repeatedly committed criminal offences against the population. In order for anything to be done, the victims of those crimes need to step forward and report them to the police. We believe that everyone has been affected in one way or another, so this is something we can all do. The link below will give all the details.

1. Go to

2. Read the info and fill in the form

3. Download the paperwork and file a crime report with your local police

We have prepared an evidence bundle that we believe shows misfeasance/misconduct in public office but for there to be a crime there needs to be a victim. That’s where YOU come in.

The police are duty bound to investigate all crime reports.

We will be releasing new evidence bundles on a weekly basis to build the case, keep the pressure on and raise awareness. We are aiming to have at least one report in to each Police force but the more the better as each report has to be dealt with separately.

This is your chance to really highlight how you have been harmed by lockdown and seek some justice for that.

Please feel free to share a video of you submitting your crime report at the police station and an explanation as to how you have been a victim in the Facebook group.

Or if you would like to share your story for our #RealFacesofLockdown campaign then please submit your story on our website at:



This campaign is absolutely crucial and we urge you to take part.

It’s becoming clear that, even if the Government claims to have no plans to make a COVID-19 vaccine mandatory, there are many companies who are considering making proof of vaccination a condition of either accessing their services or working for them. We have therefore launched a campaign to lobby the Prime Minister and all MPs to pass a Medical Freedom Bill that will actively protect the freedoms of every individual in this country and will ensure that no individual can be discriminated against based on their vaccine status.

Please go to the link below and you will be able to sign our open letter to Boris Johnson and to also write to your MP.


PETITION: Do not implement Covid-19 Freedom Passes

We ask the Government not to proceed with any plans for the implementation of Freedom Passes. For these to be in force it requires the bearer to consent to at least twice weekly tests.


We would like to thank everyone who attends our rally’s, especially those who bravely came to the London event on Saturday 28th November, despite extreme policing. The good news is that protesting is exempt again in all tiers, so this should make for a more pleasant experience!


These events have taken place:
This Saturday 12th December
SOUTH UNITE – Brighton Rally. Peace Statue, Hove Lawns 12pm…
Please dress Christmassy if you can!

This Saturday 12th December
NORTH UNITE – Manchester Rally. Piccadilly Gardens 1pm…



Thursday 31st December at 9pm

NEW YEARS EVE Freedom Street Party/Protest…


As a grassroots movement we are reliant on volunteers. If you’re sitting at home wondering if you can help the cause, we are looking for help in many areas. All roles will require you to dedicate anywhere from 4 to 10 hours per week of your time (more if you have it) to help us grow this movement and spread the word to the masses. To find out more please go to this link:

If you would like to be an event volunteer, we are always looking for marshals, security staff and first aiders. If that’s you, please apply here:

If you would like to help us by donating towards our expenses (web hosting, literature, marketing etc), all donations gratefully received:


Here are the current ways to connect with us. Please note that we have set up a new Telegram broadcast. If you’re on the old one, we ask that you please migrate to the new one.

Website –
Telegram –
FB page –
New FB Group –
Insta –
Twitter –
YouTube –

Please keep an eye on the Facebook Group and Telegram Broadcast thread for official updates.

We thank each and every one of you for being part of our movement. More news soon!

Thank you from everyone at SORUK

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