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The Devil Wears CIA

By | 24th December 2017

The way the US Government institutions work today is the product of sinister forces at work on their very foundations since the years before the second world war. The Devil’s Chessboard provides the context for many inexplicable decisions taken by the US and the motivations of the men behind them. The cost in lives and… Read More »

Globalresearch: Israel’s Dirty Little Secret

By | 21st July 2017

Israel’s Dirty Little Secret How it drives US policies exploiting a spineless Congress and White House By Philip Giraldi Global Research, June 21, 2017 The Unz Review 20 June 2017 Region: Middle East & North Africa, USA Theme: History, Law and Justice, Media Disinformation, Police State & Civil Rights, US NATO War Agenda In-depth Report:… Read More »