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State Of The Nation: A 2015 Q&A Session reveals glimpse of criminality behind US foreign policy

By | 21st July 2017

Ed – It must be remebered this article was written in 2015 and that all the assertions and predictions uttered by this ‘Private CIA’ man with respect to Russia has and is coming true. Russia is being demonised in preparation for conflict – for anyone interested in the true intentions of the criminal gangs controlling… Read More »

The Web Of Debt – Captured By The Debt Spider

By | 20th June 2017

Excerpt from Ellen Hodgson Brown’s ‘The Web Of Debt‘ Introduction CAPTURED BY THE DEBT SPIDER President Andrew Jackson called the banking cartel a “hydra-headed monster eating the flesh of the common man.” New York Mayor John Hylan, writing in the 1920s, called it a “giant octopus” that “seizes in its long and powerful tentacles our… Read More »

Enslavement By Compound Interest And Human Nature

By | 13th June 2017

Listed below are a few of the major commercial and civil activities carried out by the world’s great institutions and enterprises driving the progress humanity into the future. They are interconnected of course but it is not always clear how. Deliberately so. War – The military industrial complex Energy – Big oil and coal Manufacturing,… Read More »