The Devil Wears CIA

By | 24th December 2017

The author David Talbot follows the careers, motivation and exploits of two brothers. Foster and Allen Dulles whose overt and covert influence over the United States of America’s place in the world has been woefully neglected or perhaps deliberately hidden. Allen Dulles influence in particular remains to this day through the institutions he brought into being, supported and  then relentlessly bent to his will. His stock in trade was sedition and subversion on behalf of a shadow US government against nations of the world and now the US. Allen Dulles evil masterpiece was the Central Intelligence Agency, he understood from the outset its potential to subvert the US sytem of government to his cause.

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The CIA, Kevin Shipp and the US Shadow Government

By | 21st December 2017

CIA Agent Whistleblower Risks All To Expose The Shadow Government

Media posted by Dane Wigington, 23rd August 2017

“I saw them violate international law with their operations and engage in some pretty serious human rights violations. I don’t know about you all but I as an American citizen did not vote for any of those things.”

“…The Constitution is the supreme law of the land… If a person or government of the United States violates the constitution they are committing a felony” – ex CIA agent Kevin Shipp


  • Transcript, partial, 20% work in progress Here

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Gary Webb’s Warning Will Echo Through Time

By | 18th July 2017

Tucked away in the top right hand corner of my Laptop’s desktop screen is Gary Webb’s picture. It shows him holding up a paper to the camera with the words “Crack plague’s roots are in Nicaraguan war”. This was the subject of his Dark Alliance series for the San Jose Mercury in 1996. The San Jose Mercury failed to back him up when the establishment press closed ranks against him in defense of the CIA’s complicity and role as overseers in drug trafficking into the US.

Officialy Gary Webb committed suicide on December 10th 2004 with two .38 bullets to the head, yes two. Funny that

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By | 23rd June 2017

Author Douglas Valentine, Published By Clarity Press

I knew this book was out there somewhere. I didn’t know who the author would be or who the publisher would be but it had to exist. There is a copy on my desk as I write and I hope one day there will be a copy on the desk of every MP in the Westminster Parliament along with every Senator and Representative in the US Congress and every honest and decent police officer.

While searching for news of author Douglas Valentine on the internet, I remembered a similar search for Gary Webb, the author of “The Dark Alliance”, the search took place in 2007,  then the results came back with the sad news that I had missed him, he committed suicide in 2004 cornered and culled by the system Mr Valentine discusses in this book.

It was with a sense of relief and wonder I found Douglas Valentine’s website where he is apparently alive and well. He seems to have made it where many other journalists and authors have fallen.

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The Web Of Debt – Captured By The Debt Spider

By | 20th June 2017

Excerpt from Ellen Hodgson Brown’s ‘The Web Of Debt



President Andrew Jackson called the banking cartel a “hydra-headed monster eating the flesh of the common man.” New York Mayor John Hylan, writing in the 1920s, called it a “giant octopus” that “seizes in its long and powerful tentacles our executive officers, our legislative bodies, our schools, our courts, our newspapers, and every agency created for the public protection.” The debt spider has devoured farms, homes and whole countries that have become trapped in its web. In a February 2005 article called “The Death of Banking,” financial commentator Hans Schicht wrote:

The fact that the Banker is allowed to extend credit several times his own capital base and that the Banking Cartels, the Central Banks, are licensed to issue fresh paper money in exchange for treasury paper, [has] provided them with free lunch for eternity. . . . Through a network of anonymous financial spider webbing only a handful of global King Bankers own and control it all. . . . Everybody, people, enterprise, State and foreign countries, all have become slaves chained to the Banker’s credit ropes.1

Schicht writes that he had an opportunity in his career to observe the wizards of finance as an insider at close range. The game has gotten so centralized and concentrated, he says, that the greater part of U.S. banking and enterprise is now under the control of a small inner circle of men. He calls the game “spider webbing.” Its rules include:

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The New Feudal Aristocracy A World Of Organisations And Gangs

By | 16th June 2017

When is an organisation a gang? It depends on the legal jurisdiction you are in and what the word criminal means there.

  • Organisation – A group of people with a common goal, a body of organised people
  • Gang – A criminal organisation
  • Jurisdiction – A jurisdiction is a state or other area in which a particular court and system of laws has authority. – Collins.

Getting your head round all the different types of clubs, associations, political parties, corporations, global institutions contributing to the flow of human life boggles the mind. Then it dawned… they were all just one type, organisations with three sub-types.

  1. Legal organisations
  2. Criminal organisations (Gangs)
  3. Legal and Criminal organisations – Legal organisations with embedded gangs

For example, the term ‘Bankster’  makes you smile because it contains an intrinsic truth, at times Bankers do act like criminal gangs but it is a rare bank that gets shut down for criminal activity. Why is that? It is because they are connected and protected by other organisations they have corrupted along the way, Governments.

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Enslavement By Compound Interest And Human Nature

By | 13th June 2017

Listed below are a few of the major commercial and civil activities carried out by the world’s great institutions and enterprises driving the progress humanity into the future. They are interconnected of course but it is not always clear how. Deliberately so.

  • War – The military industrial complex
  • Energy – Big oil and coal
  • Manufacturing, communications and Computing
  • Water – Mega water utility companies
  • Drugs – Big Agriculture, Pharma, Cocaine, Heroin, Marijuana
  • Banking – Legal, criminal and protected criminal
  • Intelligence – The Intelligence onion, schizophrenic use and abuse of powers
  • Government – local, national, International
  • Direction by the controlling mind – A consensus reached by a ruling class collective

Enter the bankers

Banking deserves a special mention. International banking provides the financial plumbing needed to enable world trade wherever it happens, it is ever present in all categories of commerce,  entering  and exiting the purses, wallets and treasuries of  individuals, companies and governments.

Banks do provide valuable services enabling trade, after all money changers and loan merchants have been around since money was invented. But as time has gone by the Bankers have become ruthless amoral predators, often referred to as ‘Banksters’ as a take on the term Gangsters, preying upon us all.

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Democracy Just Ain’t What It Used To Be

By | 5th June 2017

Democracy Vs Aristocracy

The rule of the people Vs The rule of the elite

The key to understanding the way the world is run begins and ends with this one fundamental struggle which has waxed and waned over thousands of years. 

There are many stories around which illustrate the dynamics at work inside modern democracies and you will find a few on this site written by some brave and determined men and women who have risked their lives in the hope that the rule of law and justice will somehow prevail. Their stories shine a light on the worlds political and economic plumbing as it is today.  Ranged against them are secretive, sinister forces which seek to protect and nurture unaccountable pools of wealth, power and influence, on a vast scale. Surprisingly to the person in the street they do a lot of this through governmental institutions at a global and national level.

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Book Review – The New Confessions of an Economic Hitman by Author John Perkins

By | 16th May 2017



At the centre of a web of publications which are going to be appearing on this site is this great book. It walks you through his selection, training and grooming for the role of economic hit man. It is a gem. John Perkins was turned into an exploitation enabler for supposedly respectable world institutions working in cahoots with global corporations.

Fraud and corruption on the grand scale.

If you are going to start your research anywhere this would be it

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